Monday, June 20, 2016

A new look at public diplomacy 40 years ago; see also.

Sunday, June 19th 2016

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Sunday, June 19th 2016
The Office of the Historian at the State Department released on June 8 a new volume focusing on public diplomacy during President Jimmy Carter's Administration, which consolidated cultural exchanges with the information programs under the U.S. Information Agency, renaming USIA the International Communication Agency.
This is the second edition of Foreign Relations of the United States to comprise official records about public diplomacy, out of more than 450 volumes. The first volume on PD covered World War I to the early 1970s.  Council member and Georgetown scholar John Brown interviewed the volume's editor for this blog, and the Council sponsored a discussion of it.  What caught Dr. Brown's attention was how, during World War I, cultural and information programs targetted the American public as much as world opinion.
We learn from history, so the Council will sponsor a discussion of this volume September 12, led by Prof. Nicholas Cull of the University of Southern California.  
Author: Joe Johnson

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