Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Understanding American Public Diplomacy and the Role of the Private Citizen: A Case Study of America’s Unofficial Ambassadors (AUA)

Image (not from entry) from, with caption: The Ambassador, a bowler-hat-shaped, Indian-made automobile born in 1957 to a newly independent nation, was once the height of style and status.

AbstractThis study explores the effectiveness of citizen diplomacy and more specifically America’s Unofficial Ambassadors as an international non-governmental organization focused on engaging more Americans in citizen diplomacy throughout the Muslim world. America’s Unofficial Ambassadors is part of a larger trend to include citizen involvement in diplomacy through cooperation with international non-governmental organizations (NGOs). A questionnaire was created with 16 questions (see Appendix A&B) focused on measuring America’s Unofficial Ambassadors effectiveness. All participants (N=33) were alumni of one of America’s Unofficial Ambassadors’ signature programs. They were invited via email to complete the questionnaire. Most participants were ... (more)
Created Date2016-05
ContributorGriffin, Brieanna Jontae (Author) Gallab, Abdullahi (Thesis Director) Ripley, Charles (Committee member) Historical, Philosophical & Religious Studies, Sch () School of Politics and Global Studies () School of International Letters and Cultures () /School of Human Evolution & Social Change () Department of English () Barrett, The Honors College ()
Subjectcitizen diplomacy / Muslim world / America's Unofficial Ambassadors (AUA)
SeriesAcademic Year 2015-2016
Extent71 pages
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Collaborating InstitutionsBarrett, The Honors College
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