Monday, June 20, 2016

Isaac Herzog spokesman calls settlers ‘murderers,’ apologizes

Stuart Winer and Marissa Newman,

Newman image from article

Opposition leader disavows Ofer Newman’s post accusing West Bank Israelis of building swimming pools ‘on the blood of murdered children’

The spokesperson for the Zionist Union has been at the center of a media storm since Saturday night, when he called West Bank settlers murderers and accused them of “building swimming pools on the blood of murdered children.”
Ofer Newman offered an apology for the comments Sunday, but not before they drew torrents of criticism, including from one lawmaker who called for him to be thrown in prison. ...
In walking back his outburst, Newman noted that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had also apologized for comments he had made in the past, and pointed to Channel 10 anchorwoman Oshrat Kotler, who on Saturday night apologized over a comment she made on air suggesting that most settlers were insane, drawing public uproar.
At the end of a segment about Ezri Tubi, a resident of the Yitzhar settlement who is engaged in public diplomacy on behalf of Israel, Kotler said: “There is no doubt he is a sane settler; they do exist, even in Yitzhar.” ...

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