Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Quotable: John Brennan on ISIS and propaganda


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Monday, June 20th 2016
In his prepared testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee on June 16, 2016, John Brennan made some brief comments on ISIS and its propaganda.

Finally, on the propaganda front, the Coalition is working to counter ISIL’s expansive propaganda machine. ISIL paints a carefully crafted image to the outside world, lauding its own military efforts, portraying its so-called “caliphate” as a thriving state, and alleging that the group is expanding globally even as it faces setbacks locally.

ISIL releases a multitude of media products on a variety of platforms—including social media, mobile applications, radio, and hardcopy mediums. To disseminate its official online propaganda, the group primarily uses Twitter, Telegram, and Tumblr, and it relies on a global network of sympathizers to further spread its messages.

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