Friday, September 22, 2017

Mexican ambassador participates in charity run in Delhi

Times of India

uncaptioned image from article

The Mexican embassy organised a series of programmes as part of its public diplomacy, and like last year, a marathon was an important part of the celebrations. Melba Pria, the Mexican ambassador, took the lead at the Dwarka Half Marathon and Charity Run 2017, where hundreds of Delhiites participated. "I ran for 21kms and I hope that encourages other women as I am much older than most women who participated in the race. If I can do it, then even others can," said Melba.

This year, the charity run was organised to raise funds for cancer patients. "We had an earthquake recently, but we are a great country and we are living in one great country, in tough times it is important for us to spread the message of positivity and show that nothing can stop us, so we planned a series of events that includes public participation and the marathon is an important part of it. It was wonderful to see hundreds of people participate in the race," added Melba.

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