Wednesday, September 13, 2017

No law exists in Ukraine implementing UN norms on indigenous peoples – presidential rep for Crimea
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There is no law currently that implements United Nations norms for protecting the rights of indigenous peoples, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko's representative for Crimea Borys Babin has said.

"We do not today have a complete law upholding norms of the declaration that is registered in parliament on the issue of protecting the rights of indigenous peoples of Ukraine. We today do not see a joint vision for changing the Chapter 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine in order to defend the rights of indigenous peoples, as per the UN declaration," Babin said in Kyiv on Wednesday during a presentation of results of the two-year project on strategy of public diplomacy for Crimean Tatars in honor of the tenth anniversary of the UN Human Rights Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Babin also called for more active cooperation with international institutions defending the rights of indigenous peoples who live in Russia-annexed Crimea. He called for extending the public diplomacy project in order to give a boost for cooperation with international organizations.

Babin's work group earlier drafted legislation on indigenous peoples in Ukraine.

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