Friday, September 22, 2017

Russia rejects Donald Trump's derisive attempts to reform UN

Lyuba Stepushova (Lulko), Pravda

image (not from article) from; on Khrushchev shoe-banging at the UN, see.
Consensus on complex issues in the United Nations shall first be achieved in committees that submit proposals to the Conference, where delegations from all states gather to discuss final terms, before bringing topics of the agenda of the UN General Assembly.

"The UN needs to be reformed. First of all, one needs to cut bureaucracy, but this should be done by the people who are familiar with the situation," Sergei Ordzhonikidze, former deputy general secretary of the organisation, chairman of the Russian public council for international cooperation and public diplomacy, told Pravda.Ru. He believes that Trump's declaration about the reform of the United Nations is a publicity stunt and an attempt "to distract attention from internal problems and pressure from within."

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