Saturday, September 23, 2017

Public Diplomacy (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark); see also.

Public diplomacy is a constituent part of the work of the Danish representations abroad. As a field of work, public diplomacy supplements traditional "diplomacy" as a means of influencing and accepting views and politics. Instead of government, politicians and officials, the target groups of public diplomacy efforts in civil society exist, for example in the form of business executives, editors, think tanks, researchers and NGOs.

Public diplomacy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has two main purposes.

First, to increase Denmark's influence through the influence of the ever-increasing non-state actors who have gained importance because of the last 20 years of communication revolution. It is for example the media, international organizations and NGOs, multinational companies, religious leaders, political consumers, individuals and many more. It is actors who, together with state actors, make decisions that greatly affect Denmark and the living conditions of Denmark, and it is therefore natural to increase efforts to gain international influence through the influence of these non-state actors.

Secondly, public diplomacy efforts aim to continuously strengthen Denmark's international reputation because the perception of Denmark is important for, inter alia, Denmark's global influence, Danish exports and tourism and the treatment of Danes abroad. Studies show that the perception of Denmark becomes more positive, the more people know us. Therefore, the task is to spread knowledge of Danish values ​​and Denmark as a whole, which includes made from - Denmark's official website. This part of the public diplomacy work is per definition very long-term as it takes a long time to get a country's knowledge of burning [sic Google translation] internationally. One of the points is that you can not burn [sic] something you do not have or have.

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