Saturday, September 23, 2017

NATO’s decomposing corpse

Brian Cloughley,

uncaptioned image from article
The US-NATO propaganda organisation in Brussels is known as the Public Diplomacy Division, described by one of its members as ‘a diverse division of nearly 100 people working in a fast-paced and complex environment, serving a wide variety of stakeholders.’ It doesn’t let the taxpayers of member countries know the salaries of its officials (see the advertisement in The Economist for a ‘Director, NATO Information Office Moscow, Russia… salary not disclosed’), but they are part of the civil budget for 2017, amounting to an impressive €234.4 million ($280 million), which is not part of the annual military budget of €1.29 billion (1.5 billion US dollars), or just a bit less than the cost of the new NATO Headquarters palace in Brussels that attracted Trump’s derision. ...

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