Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ewha provides Korean studies lectures in Kenya

By Chung Hyun-chae,

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Ewha Womans University is providing its online Korean studies lecture to a Kenyan university.

The university said Wednesday that it launched a 16-week lecture series by Professor Min Byoung-won on the Korean economy and development for students at the University of Nairobi in the Kenyan capital on June 3.

About 40 Kenyan students majoring in Korean studies are participating in the real-time online lectures.

Ewha plans to offer 15 online Korean studies courses to 16 foreign universities in 10 countries this year.

"I hope the lecture will serve as a trigger for the provision of our university's various lectures to Kenya," said Lee Hai-young, global Korean studies professor at Ewha Womans University. Lee is also the head of the Ewha-KF Global e-School program.

The program was initiated by the Korea Foundation, a public diplomacy organization aiming to promote better understanding of Korea abroad.

Ewha has offered Korean studies lectures in Thailand, Hong Kong, Germany, Mexico, Mongolia and Cambodia since 2011.

"We select good courses that have received a positive review from our students, to share with foreign students," said Ha Jee-hye, a researcher of the Asian Political and International Association who is also in charge of the program.

"As far as I know, our university is offering the largest number of courses in other countries," Ha said.

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