Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Blog Roundup: The Top 5


Take a look at CPD's top blogs from February:
5) I Was a Stranger & You Welcomed Me: The Church & Immigration - By Madison Jones. A look at the response of some Christian churches to President Trump's travel ban.
4) Mexico at a Crossroads - By Sergio de la Calle. With the world watching the new U.S. - Mexico relationship, Mexico has an opportunity. 
3 ) What's in VOA's Charter - And What Isn't - By David S. Jackson. The Voice of America was never intended to do investigative reporting, nor should it.
2) NATO in an Era of Fake News and Disinformation - By Barbora Maronkova. How the "post-truth" trend of misinformation is affecting NATO, and how the organization can fight back.
1) The Fate of VOA in the Balance - By Alex Belida. What does the Trump administration's anti-media environment mean for the Voice of America?
Photos (from top to bottom): Photo by Gretchen Mahan | CC by 2.0, Photo by Presidencia de la Republica Mexicana | CC 2.0, Photo by Gabito222 | CC 0, Photo by MIH83 I CC 0, Photo by Thomas Cizauskas I CC 2.0

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