Sunday, February 19, 2017

NATO Officials Say Russian 'Fake News' Seeks to Undermine Alliance

image from article: The Sputnik website
Last month, Sweden's most authoritative foreign policy think tank, the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, issued a study accusing Russia of using underhand methods, including fake news, counterfeit documents and other disinformation, to try to influence Swedish decision-making. The campaign was focused, it said, on steering the country away from joining NATO.

The study said an array of active measures were being used, including broadcasting misleading reports on Russia's state-run news website Sputnik that were then picked up in Sweden. At other times, forged documents and fabricated news items consistent with Russia's strategic objectives have first appeared in obscure Swedish media outlets, which were picked up subsequently by Sputnik and "other sources of Russian public diplomacy" and broadcast to an international audience. ...

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