Wednesday, February 22, 2017

President Trump's Public Diplomacy Triumph

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Thanks our newly-elected commander-in-chief we Americans can take pride in the greatest of his achievements to date, in the neglected State Department international activity of "public diplomacy."
Arguably, with our recently chosen chief executive now in charge, the US of A is no longer considered by the world to be a savior/dominator (take your pick) -- but simply
  a  bad-joke nation conned by a clown.
(Granted a view, not shared by all humankind, which worries about more important matters than a real estate operator/reality-show hack turned demagogue/politician.)
 View the satirical videos.

Note: There is of course much room for humor (no, not rumor) in international relations. Full disclosure: Am not sure how many of the above-cited videos were produced by anti-Trump Americans. Still, the videos do reflect, in my modest opinion, what much of the outside world thinks of our electoral-college selected (not popularly elected) CEO of Trumpdemolishcracy.


Image (March 2016) from, with the headline: "Il Messico non manda giù la retorica di Trump"

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