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Longest serving Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy in American history. Former editor of  & CEO of . Early riser, slow walker.
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    My piece on why Trumpism spells the end of The American Century
  2. Great to be on on to talk about a President who is unpresidential in his undisciplined repetition of misinformation.
  3. Morning! What more can one ask for but to cover Trump on w & Ambassador on - tune in.
  4. Repealing sanctions ends the West's leverage over . The art of the bad deal. .
  5. Yes, journalists are biased; they're biased in favor of getting their stories on the front page or the evening news, no matter the content.

  6. Trump in Fla: We let 1000s in w no vetting. "No documentation, no nothing.” Wrong. We already do "extreme vetting."
  7. Trump attacks media as 'Enemy of the People' - phrase used, most ominously, in USSR during Stalinist purges
  8. How often in the Bible the Lord asks us to welcome migrants and foreigners, reminding us that we too are foreigners!
  9. Press not the enemy of the people but the Constitutionally protected guarantor of the freedom of the people in a democracy.