Tuesday, February 21, 2017

President University Hosts Embassy of Mongolia

Images from article, with caption (bottom image): The Embassy of Mongolia gave tokens of appreciation to Drs. Teuku Rzasyah, M.A., Ph.D, Dean of School of Humanities

CIKARANG, Bekasi - President University hosted the Embassy of Mongolia in their second visit to the campus on Thursday (16/2) with the theme “Mongolia-Indonesia Relations: Public Diplomacy and Closer Cooperation in Millennium”. Her Excellency Shagdar Battsetseg, Mongolia’s Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary to the Republic of Indonesia and ASEAN and her team attended the event that was being held in Charles Himawan Auditorium, President University [see - JB] , Kota Jababeka, Cikarang.

Opening the visit and Mongolia Open Day in President University, Her Excellency Shagdar Battsetseg delivered a speech about the general overview of Mongolia and Indonesia partnerships. She explained about the brief history of the two countries’ bilateral relations in 60 years.

Following her remarks, Protocol Officer G. Tumurkhuu outlined the Mongolian education system in his presentation. According to him, there was no systematized education until Mongolian’s revolution in 1921. He also added that the first university in Mongolia was built in 1942 and ever since, Mongolian education system keeps developing up until now. Moving forward, Technicians O. Khulan continued the event by describing Mongolia’s environment and foods with amazing photos and videos.

Furthermore, Her Excellency Shagdar Battsetseg continued to explain the cultural differences between Mongolians and Indonesians. In her opinion, Indonesians possess soft characters meanwhile Mongolians got an ambitious character.

“Mongolians have the spirit and a way of living that was passed down from the Genghis Khan,” she said. However, though with the cultural differences, Mongolia and Indonesia have sucessfully  [sic] maintain [sic] a good relationship without any conflict.

One of the good relationships amongst the two countries also takes place in President University, where one of the Mongolians, Zorigt Tugsjargal, is currently pursuing his higher education. He is the first Mongolian student who learns in President University.

“As the first Mongolian student here in President University, I will be the bridge between Mongolia and Indonesia”, said Zorigt in his speech.

Dr. Handa S. Abidin, Vice Rector for Partnerships in President University, also added that the partnership with the Embassy of Mongolia is one of the ways to welcome more students from Mongolia to study in President University.

"With this partnership, I believe we can strengthen international environment in President University", closed Handa. (NAP/AA)

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