Sunday, February 26, 2017

Public Diplomacy - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Poland

Public diplomacy pursued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs consists of a set of strategic, conceptual, analytical, coordinating and executive actions seeking to impact social attitudes and public opinion abroad and thereby to secure the principal interests of the Republic of Poland across the globe. This is done by using tools and methods from outside the realm of traditional diplomacy, essentially confined to intergovernmental relations. The primary aim of public diplomacy is to foster understanding and support for the national interest and policies of the Polish government. Supplementing traditional diplomacy, it is targeted at foreign institutions, organizations and societies.

The multilateral public diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland comprises a broad spectrum of information and communication activities aimed at shaping the positive image of Poland among foreigners, promoting improved and objective knowledge and understanding of Poland and its history, as well as the contribution of Poland and Polish citizens in European and global development, strengthening Poland’s prestige as a global actor, and stimulating contacts and cooperation among Polish and international partners. Another important objective of public diplomacy is to strengthen the image of Poland as an important EU Member State, an advocate of the EU policy towards East European countries, a firm NATO ally, a country boasting immense civilizational achievements whose citizens cherish and share the spirit of freedom, a country increasingly committed to providing development aid and supporting the Polish diaspora, a country characterized by security and offering stable perspectives for further development guaranteed by its membership in the European Union and NATO, and – last but not least – a worthy political, economic, scientific, social and cultural partner.

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