Monday, February 27, 2017

Israel Isn’t Just a Country, It Is a Way of Thinking!

BY GENC MLLOJA, Albanian Daily News

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The friendship between Albania and Israel is strong and both countries seek to deepen their cooperation sharing the mutual experience and knowledge that they have gained over the years in many areas, the Israeli Deputy Ambassador, Yuvai Fischer told Albanian Daily News.

In an exclusive interview he described the relations between the two countries as excellent and in this frame many Israeli companies are encouraged to come to this Balkan country. Mr. Fischer pointed out that the history of the two countries goes back centuries.

"The relations between our two countries are expanding in trade, investments, energy and water. So, it is clear that our focus is exactly here. In addition, the children are the future of tomorrow," he said.

It was interesting to learn that he loved culture, and Albania is blessed with special artists of all kind.
"I am playing the violin and write poems and I sing at the European choir," revealed the Israeli Deputy Ambassador in the following interview:

­How would you define the relations between Albania and Israel?

­The relations between Albania and Israel are excellent. We are bringing Israeli companies to invest in Albania, while there are mutual visits of high levels from both countries. Also, my agenda is to strengthen the issues of human rights between our countries, to have and create cultural activities, and also to promote initiatives with Public Diplomacy. For example, we displayed at the International Book fair in Tirana for the first time ever, the new Albanian-­Israeli booklet for useful daily life
phrases and interactions.

­ As a newly appointed deputy ambassador of Israel to Albania, how do you see our country?

­Albania is a country that shows things can be different. Albania and Israel are both countries that are relatively young but with a history that goes back centuries. We share certain similarities including pride in our national heritage and we both cherish democracy and human dignity. Our friendship is strong and we seek to deepen our cooperation with Albania, sharing our mutual experience and knowledge that we have gained over the years in many areas.

Since June 2008, people­-to­-people contacts between the Albanians and Israelis were given a significant boost with Albanian citizens receiving exemption from entry visas to Israel.

This further strengthens bilateral relations by increasing the flow of tourism and business ties.

­What are the areas you consider as most important in our bilateral relations?

­The relations between our two countries are expanding in trade, investments, energy and water. So, it is clear that our focus is exactly here. In addition, the children are the future of tomorrow.

So, we need to invest in the younger generations through scholarships, cultural, education and scientific agreements. We are about to achieve such an agreement this year.

­How about innovation and entrepreneurship? How can Israel help Albania in this direction?

­Israeli culture is also a unique combination on of innovation and entrepreneurship. Israel isn’t just a country, it is a way of thinking and the Israeli policy regarding innovation, research and development as well as serving in the army are key factors in the growth of our country. The only capital (fortune) we had was the human personnel and for example, when we found that we are lack of water, we looked for substitutes and we make a way for science and technology. So, our first startup was
in agriculture.

We, as a country, put a lot of vision on vision. We are a small country, surrounded with threats, so the Army created research and development of its own. Israel is still a small country in territory and population. So, Israel can’t be a large industrial, so we invest in quality than in quantity.

­Human rights seem a big share in the common agenda of both countries. Recently you participated in an event on children with disabilities. Please can you share your thoughts on it?

­Human rights are part of my agenda. The week for the awareness for children with disabilities was born two month ago and after discussing the issues with the Deputy Minister of Welfare, Mrs. Kospiri, I decided to create this amazing week and to bring three experts from Israel, Mr. Michael Arnon, an expert for children with disabilities concerning education and training, Mrs. Ayala Gerber, an expert for Therapy with Music and Mr. Kobi Mizrachi, a well known chef that cooked Israeli food for the children. Those experts made an excellent job with the children. We were in four cities: Tirana, Fier, Durres and Kurbin. In Kurbin I met the Mayor who gave us a warm hospitality and discussed future collaboration on those issues. We also started collaboration on with the Minister of Welfare, the World Vision organization and Down syndrome Albania.

­How is your work boosted by your personal hobbies?

­I love culture. Albania is blessed with special artists of all kind. I met the new director of the Opera and Ballet House of Tirana, Mrs. Zana Cela, and I’m having a privilege to see the amazing talented dancers’ performances and opera singing.

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