Wednesday, May 24, 2017

DFAT's humungous global social media network - and the Left's pet issues it promotes

Thanks to Seeker of Truth for the tip on this.
Below is a list of the official social media accounts operated by DFAT and Australia's diplomatic stations and embassies overseas.
It's gobsmacking in its size and the complexity and thus the time that must go into managing it.
It's also an insight into how our public face and policy positions have shifted - and why.
Social media - Twitter in particular - is the domain of the Left.
Leftist causes are cheered.  Conservatism is derided.
Anyone looking for positive feedback on Twitter will find it in promoting the causes of the Left.
It's like Pavlov and his dogs - but for DFAT it's not just a central few people who are exposed to the classical conditioning of Twitter - it's every single overseas and domestic post and and then at multiple levels within them.
There wouldn't be too many Australian homes over the past couple of months which celebrated Harmony Day, International Women's Day, Commission on the Status of Women, Diversity and the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.
But that's what all our posts are required to promote as a reflection of our country's priorities.
Here's a sample of the "issues" promoted over the past couple of months at an embassy I chose at random, Brasil.
Coming from a conservative government, these are strange days indeed.   Who is working for whom?
Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 4.45.17 am
PS - Update from Seeker of Truth
DFAT recruitment document for position of Public Affairs and Communication Officer in our Embassy in Brazil including this key responsibility -
"in conjunction with the Second/Third Secretary, Education Counsellor and Public Diplomacy Branch develop and regularly update social media engagement and growth strategies for the Embassy’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and liaise with Austrade on the strategy for their LinkedIn platform. Engage with other Embassies in Brasilia on best practice and coordinated campaigns. Monitor progress and prepare reports on digital by default wins for distribution throughout the DFAT network."
Salary - BRL 5,795.00 gross salary per month.
Five people are responsible for social media at this embassy being the Public Affairs & Communication Officer, the Second/Third Secretary, Education Counsellor and Public Diplomacy Branch.
Plus the Ambassador himself!

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