Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Offbeat usage of the term "public diplomacy" -- for the record on how this verbal construction is used in the media, both "fake" and "real" ...

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Israeli internet public diplomacy uses Canadian and Australian VPNs. Not sure why. Maybe it's because Mossad loves Australian passports and Toronto is a habara home base for North America?
texags.com [scroll down link for item]
I had more in mind what have seen of sputnik, but the real point is that the pictures painted in public news are not the ones of strategic journals. Everyone is choosing marked slants these days. That's why the ambassador remark. Really don't like overly public diplomacy, because it ties your hands to simplistic statements. Grand mobilizing type addresses like on May 21 are good --- but off-cuff charges like are so common today in the press are not and are harmful.

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