Sunday, May 28, 2017

[Jeju Forum 2017] Let's build a new Asia based on mutual trust

Yi Whan-woo,

Image from article, with caption: Jeju Forum for Peace and Propserity Executive Chairman and Jeju Peace Institute President Suh Chung-ha delivers a speech at the opening ceremony of Jeju International Exhibition at the International Peace Center in Seogwipo, Jeju Island, May 24.

The 12th Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity is expected to help Asian countries share a vision and facilitate talks on fine-tuning and coordinating cooperative leadership, the forum’s Executive Committee Chairman Suh Chung-ha said.
Suh, also the president of the Jeju Island-based think tank Jeju Peace Institute, said countries in the region have not been “on the same course” in their world views, development strategies and visions.
And this year’s theme, “Sharing a Common Vision for Asia’s Future,” can contribute to building a “new Asia,” a completely transformed cooperative body based on mutual interest.
“The division among Asian countries limited them from working together and effectively tackling common challenges they face,” Suh said. “And we prudently chose our theme for the forum participants to sufficiently discuss how Asia can cope with issues that require cooperation on both a global and regional level.” ...
Among the forum’s 75 sessions, Suh said he has high expectations for a roundtable discussion titled “The Future of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)-Korea Cooperation,” jointly organized by The Korea Times and Jeju Peace Institute to mark the ASEAN’s 50th anniversary. ...
He suggested a Korean-ASEAN journalistic partnership, such as by publishing contributions in each other’s newspapers, as a way to bolster friendship.
He also said they should enhance their political and diplomatic discussions in addition to their summits held regularly since 1997 and the ASEAN+3 dialogue involving Korea, China and Japan.
“There should be more frequent talks among heads of state and other government officials, plus Seoul’s tailored public diplomacy initiative that takes the characteristics of ASEAN countries into account,” he said.
To raise international awareness of the Jeju Forum, Suh underscored the need for “prompt, high-quality discussions.” He said promoting the forum through its participants and the media are equally important. ...

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