Monday, May 22, 2017

Social media

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In the past few years the advancement of technology and rapid globalization has led to an increased level of competition between nations. Today the use of social media has changed the way of communication by giving the authority and opportunity in the hands of the people.

Social media has also made it easy for us to share all elements of our life from photos of ourselves to videos with friends and family. It provides opportunities to the likeminded individuals and has made it possible for them to discuss important topics in order to widen their knowledge and to discover such things with which they were never familiar with before, example includes the involvement of a large number of young people in state politics. Social media is also a tool that is used by the media men or opinion makers to influence the mind of the people. A large number of governments and commercial organizations have started using social media as a platform to reach their audience.

Anyone with a smart phone and laptop in the whole world can inform and influence the entire audience and can stay updated. Social media is one of the most vigilant tools to reach the youth audience and this is one of the major goals of the current public diplomacy. The goal is not only to reach youth and send messages and manipulate minds but also to interact with youth and give them platform and opportunities to give away their part and in this sight social media is one of the best tools which can be used by the governments. In present times social media has become an important element of the lives of almost all the people of the society and is accepted by all and can even bring change in the lives of the people if it is taken away or important sites such as Facebook or Twitter gets banned. Thus one can say that majority of the states now use social media as a tool to conduct public diplomacy as power of social media indirectly means power of persuasion.

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