Sunday, May 28, 2017

Radio waves: Alice Persson traveled to Berlin to work for the East German propaganda radio Radio Berlin International. But Stasi had other plans.

Jacob Skaaning, [Google translation from the Danish]

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A autumn day in 1975, a light-haired and 19-year-old woman from Nørrebro in Copenhagen is taking off the train at the Ostbahnhof in Berlin.
Her nostrils are filled with the smell of lignite and oil-blended gasoline. For her the smell of the perfect society - the smell of socialism.
It is the society she dreams come true in Denmark and in the rest of the world one day.
A society in which the people own the banks and the factories where the rent is low, there is room for all children in the crèches and where there is no unemployment.
She is here to work for the East German propaganda radio Radio Berlin International.
What she does not know is that the dream of the perfect community will remind more of a nightmare when she meets the ubiquitous security service Stasi. ...
But Alice Persson does not believe she should be monitored. It is western propaganda.
The glory of socialism and the role of radioist acquires the love of a colleague. Because when Alice Persson reads news in the radio studio she is just opposite a sweet young sound engineer, born and raised in the realization of socialism.
The GDR regime itself calls the work to influence the inhabitants of neighboring countries using the radio for propaganda, but today we would call it public diplomacy. ...

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