Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Trump’s Israel Love Offensive Might Carry a Hefty Price Tag

Trump image from article
Haaretz ...
Trump gave Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his cabinet ministers and the Israeli public watching at home what most Israeli Jews love to hear. He spoke about the Jewish people’s millennia-old link to the Land of Israel and to Jerusalem; he spoke about persecution, pogroms and the Holocaust, but also about rebirth, making the desert bloom and Israel’s economic success.
Trump presented Israel the way most Israelis like to think of it — smart, good and in the right, without criticism, buts or maybes. Without condemnation of construction in the settlement, without heartrending stories about the undermining of Palestinian civil rights in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, without mention of a Palestinian state or the two-state solution. Trump integrated into his speech some excerpts from the pantheon of Israeli public diplomacy, speaking about the preservation of minority rights, freedom of worship for Muslims and Christians and so on. ...

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