Friday, February 26, 2016

Corbyn's Decision to March Is Brave and Visionary

Indra Adnan, Director of The Soft Power Network, Huffington Post

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For my sins -- I'm a soft power consultant -- I spoke at a NATO conference on public diplomacy earlier this week which embodied the right wing mind-set. The closed bubble of hard power tribalism -- we have the weapons, we are the righteous, we will fix it -- was hard to pierce. It's heroic but it's also behind the times. Hard power has not been able to fix anything since the world's only superpower of the time, had to bow before the smallest agile power - Vietnam - in 1973. For all their guns and money, the USA was defeated not just by the guerrilla tactics of the enemy on the ground, but by the loss of faith from within their own country, that this was a game worth playing.
Too much money, too much grief, no real change achieved, military intervention was fast becoming an enterprise over associated with colonialism, the arms trade and masculine cultures no longer suitable for men. That loss of faith shrunk the morale, the legitimacy and the budget for the soldiers who trailed home with their tails between their legs. ...

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