Thursday, February 25, 2016

Youth minister hails visionary leaders who wove the UAE’s fabric

Image from article, with caption: Shamma Al Mazrui said women’s rights were part of the nation’s foundations and the conference was solid evidence of their intent and success in that matter.

DUBAI // Women’s rights are woven into the very foundation of the UAE, Shamma Al Mazrui, Minister of State for Youth Affairs, said on Wednesday, speaking at the Global Women’s Forum in Dubai.
“As we developed schools, universities and the other facilities of a modern nation, women were included in all this thanks to the vision of the late Founding Father, Sheikh Zayed, a vision carried today by Sheikh Khalifa, our President,” she said.
“The fact that I am speaking to you today is the greatest proof of how appropriate it is that the UAE should host a conference discussing the empowerment of women, women’s rights and the role of women in the developmental process.”
Ms Al Mazrui is a 22-year-old Oxford graduate, and was elected to her Government position earlier this month as the youngest Cabinet member, and one of eight new faces.
She studied for an master’s degree in public diplomacy after winning a Rhodes scholarship and also holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from New York University Abu Dhabi.
Ms Al Mazrui also served as an intern at the UAE Embassy in Washington, DC. ...

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