Thursday, February 18, 2016

Public diplomacy

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                   Image from article, with caption: Eagles of Death Metal return to the Batalan.  Photo: France 24

Another of the many global media organizations we should meet is France 24, a government-sponsored international news provider that broadcasts in French, English and Arabic.
The outlet reported here on a triumphant and carefully staged concert Tuesday for the survivors of the Nov. 13 terrorist attack in Paris at the Batalan concert hall.  The American band Eagles of Death Metal returned to finish the gig and to help their followers recover. Not only was the concert hall locked down and protected but teams of psychological care givers were present to help the concert-goers cope with flashbacks and anxieties.
The band was playing when the shooting began, so the rock therapy may have seemed a necessary step for them, too, before beginning a world tour tomorrow in Munich.
We’re Studying This Stuff
France 24 — as in 24 hours a day — began in 2006 to ensure that France’s perspectives reached around the world. Read more about France 24 here. This is an example of public diplomacy, which we might term a nation’s own program of cultural public relations.   We’ll be studying this next week.
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) offers another model for public diplomacy. It’s World Service provides the same function as France 24.  And, of course, BBC also covered the concert — with video.  See it here.
Germany’s Deutsche Welle — it’s international broadcaster — carried this story, also with some video clips, including a scene that the France 24 story notes from the start of the concert, when the band performed a restorative song about Paris awakening.

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