Saturday, February 20, 2016

How Do We Wrest Ghana From Incompetence, Dr. Mensa Otabil? 2

Kwarteng, Francis,

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For how long has Dr. Otabil been the pastor and overseer of his church? In fact he does not exactly say. Let us also not forget that the word “incompetence” and its political and moral connotations have come to be associated with the Mahama presidency and his political appointees. It is a word that has gained emotional currency in the political vocabulary of Ghana’s highly charged partisan duopoly. Yet we also know Dr. Otabil has sanctioned some members of his church for questioning aspects of his leadership in addition to some of his decisions. ...
In the end Dr. Otabil is a brilliant and intelligent observer of the Ghanaian political landscape, a man who clearly understands the intricate language of public diplomacy and human psychology, and accordingly calibrates his political theology to suit the intellectual threshold of his gullible and sophisticated audience alike, although he has not always been successful with pragmatic competence. ...

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