Sunday, February 5, 2017

Chill, America. Not every Trump outrage is outrageous.

Tom Nichols, Washington Post

Constant panic undermines his critics and boosts his base.

Image from article, "The Trump Propaganda Machine is Here."

On MSNBC last month, Rachel Maddow decried the “takeover” of the Voice of America by the Trump administration. The story was terrifying: Trump now has his own propaganda outlet!
I, too, was upset about the dissolution of the VOA board and the shift toward using presidential appointees in place of a bipartisan group of governors. I was upset about that, in fact, last year, when that provision was slipped into the National Defense Authorization Act. Maddow’s story, really, boiled down to: President will appoint people he is legally required to appoint. But that didn’t stop my email inbox and Twitter stream from filling with panic about how “Trump has taken over American propaganda.” ...

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Anonymous said...

This is nonsense - the author is nothing more than an apologist for the administration and rather shamelessly attempting to legitimize the illegitimate. This is NOT normal. I have 46 years of government experience and I have never witnessed anything this dysfunctional - and it gets worse every day. JJASIK