Monday, February 6, 2017

NFL Stars to Tour Jewish, Christian Sites in Israel

In an initiative of the Ministry for Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy in cooperation with the Tourism Ministry, a delegation of senior NFL (America’s National Football League) players will arrive in Israel next week (13 February). The visit was initiated in cooperation with America’s Voices in Israel.
The group of 11 sportsmen will visit Israel for a seven-day visit, during which they will meet with a wide range of Israelis from different walks of life.  The sportsmen will visit Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and Haifa, as well as Christian sites in the Galilee, including baptism in the River Jordan at Yardenit.
Minister for Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy Gilad Erdan: “I see great importance in the arrival of this delegation of NFL stars to Israel. I have no doubt that their visit will be a powerful experience for them and I hope that, through their visit, they will get a balanced picture of Israel, the opposite from the false incitement campaign that is being waged against Israel around the world. I hope that the players will present the beautiful face of Israel to their tens of millions of fans in the United States. The ministry which I lead is spearheading an intensive fight against the de-legitimization and BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaigns against Israel, and part of this struggle includes hosting influencers and opinion-formers of international standing in different fields, including sport.” ...

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