Thursday, May 18, 2017

American Delegation: In the U.S. We Will Say that in Reality Crimea Came Back Home!; see also.

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Translated by Ollie Richardson

A delegation from the Center for Citizen Initiatives from the US arrived in Crimea in the framework of the “Public Diplomacy” project.

It’s President and founder Sharon Tennyson [JB - see] headed the delegation. Together with her also arrived: representative of the Center Kimberly Weichel, honorary consul of Russia in Colorado Deborah Palmieri, American specialists in the Russian language, and public figures.

On May 17th, in Yalta, they visited the museum where there are photos of the 32nd American President, laid flowers at the monument to Franklin Roosevelt, and visited school No. 1 and the Humanitarian-pedagogical academy. As was noted by Kimberly Weichel, this visit is very important for all members of the delegation, they arrived to the peninsula in order to see with their own eyes what goes on there and to communicate with Crimeans.

On May 18th, the delegation visited Artek and with their own eyes saw how the International Youth Center’s three-year-old program is carried out. In particular, the American guests visited the children’s “Sea” camp, the “Coastal” camp complex, the Artek space museum, examined the Suuksu castle and rooms of new buildings. They were especially struck by the speed of construction of the cinema and concert hall Artek Arena, which began to be built in November, 2016, and plans to open this June.

In addition, the representative of the Center for Citizen Initiatives noted that she regrets that the US still doesn’t understand the situation that developed in Crimea after reunion with the Russian Federation. The purpose of the American civil diplomats is to see everything with their own eyes, to talk to people, and upon return to tell everything to friends and media about what really happens.

“And in reality – Crimea has come back home,” stressed the American guest.

The American delegation will go to Simferopol on May 19th.

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