Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Forum diplomacy blossoms on Jeju

Suh Chung-ha, koreatimes.co.kr
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[A]s Korea is in a leading position in the world, the new administration should be ready to cope with trans-boundary global issues such as the continuous weakening of the liberal international order, the spread of terrorism, and global climate change. It would therefore be most timely and effective to provide a platform for domestic and foreign experts working in these fields to explore solutions to the complex and multi-layered issues of our time. It is in this vein that the 12th Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity scheduled to be held between May 31 to June 2 deserves the public's attention. ...
This year's Jeju Forum is also expected to make invaluable contributions to South Korea's public diplomacy. The Forum, a 1.5 track multilateral dialogue, creates a platform for open, interactive discourse between government officials and private stakeholders, foreign and Korean experts, and experts and citizens. In doing so, the Forum has contributed to expanding knowledge-sharing and understanding among participants and making Korean policies and views on external issues widely understood and supported. Given the dire nature of the national security situation, the Jeju Forum will serve as a catalyst to garner domestic and international support for the Korean government's strenuous efforts to ensure peace on and around the Korean Peninsula. It will also help raise international recognition of Jeju Island as an island of world peace committed to becoming a hub for international exchange and cooperation. ...

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