Wednesday, May 10, 2017

How China Is Using Its Economic Goals to Assert Its Global Influence

Matt Ferchen,

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As China prepares to host a major summit on its high-profile One Belt One Road initiative (OBOR) on May 14 and 15, much of the hype and hyperbole surrounding China’s seemingly inevitable rise to Asian—and even global—leadership is certain to be renewed. ...
In addition to long espousing a peaceful development foreign policy designed to reassure both domestic and foreign audiences that China prioritizes economic development, and the domestic and international stability it purportedly underpins, Chinese leaders have recently also aimed to give the impression that China is now the primary backer of the benefits of globalization. Under President Xi Jinping, such general frameworks have been accompanied by an Asia-specific public diplomacy effort to assure China’s neighbors that China seeks to create what it calls a community of common destiny, which is where economic interdependence underpins regional stability and peace. ...

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