Thursday, May 18, 2017

Pak-US relations

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The US established diplomatic relations with Pakistan following country’s creation in 1947. It has broad multi-faceted partnership with Pakistan in areas starting from education to energy to trade and investment. Moreover, the US and Pakistan through out maintained a robust security partnership Public diplomacy helps states to boost their bilateral relations. For improvement of bilateral relations it’s necessary that these ties are based on positive, accommodating, tolerant behaviour and have a transparent perception concerning principles of peaceful co-existence.

A poll by the International Republican Institute (US) found 74 percent of Pakistanis have a negative image of the US. This public hostility toward the US is worrisome as Pakistan is sixth-largest country with 170m people, is coping with a tumbling economy and has extraordinary social challenges as well as fighting war on terrorism. Anti-Americanism and mistrust in Pak-US relations would continue to haunt these ties. Though Pakistani public is influenced by US culture but they do not accept US authoritative attitude towards Pakistan, as they think the US used Pakistan as a puppet for its own interests.

Amna Majeed Raja

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