Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Public diplomacy in ASEAN

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Singapore and Vietnam are working hard to contribute to ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) development by following public diplomacy aims because they are active members of an organisation, which is struggling for development of the region. Both states have different public diplomacy strategies but basic comparison between both states public affairs are:

(1) Both of them are promoting goodwill in relationships with other states that will help them in economic development and to shape more efficient foreign policy. Vietnam is trying to get recognised by international system whereas Singapore tries to participate actively in international politics. (2) Both the states are promoting their cultural norms internationally and involved in many cultural trade with other states. Singapore is more focused on exchange and collective activities to promote public diplomacy whereas Vietnam is more focusing on communication processes. ASEAN countries does not use the word “public diplomacy” in foreign policies matters but their members are conducting many bilateral and multilateral activities to boost economy and maintain peace and stability of region which results in building relations with other states.

Rimsha Mukhtar

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