Thursday, May 11, 2017

Role Of Popular Diplomacy In Conflict Resolution

Amna Mirza,

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The panel discussion with Dr Amna Mirza, Assistant Professor, Political Science at Delhi University at the Women Economic Forum 2017, discussed how diplomacy is an art as it involves managing issues and people

In an engaging session on how diplomacy is an art as it involves managing issues and people, the discussion was about the fact that this activity can be seen at all levels - personal, political, professional, therefore it is pervasive, dynamic and requires sensitivity.

Conflicts are a fact of humankind as we are all different. When views do not converge, ideas clash conflicts arise. Interpersonal conflict is a fact of life and can arise in any sphere like economy, technology, culture, resources, ethnicity amongst others.

Crisis gives an indication to reflect on caused causes of deadlock, ways to amend the mistakes and explore mechanisms to sit and deliberate as to what lies ahead on way. How to manage negotiations and handle situations are factors to be understood in the analysis of diplomatic manoeuvres. Use of bilateral or multilateral forums depends entirely on the narrative of a problem at hand.

Whatever be the case- personal, financial, political, or emotional- all negotiation requires blend of knowledge of past, place it in the present context and avoid pitfalls of same for future.

Diplomacy is multi-layered now as conflicts have several causes. Boundaries are porous, identities are fluid, parameters are not constant - in this regard, one has to strategize diplomatic talks and conflict resolution.

Due thought over support, solidarity and resources is also essential to let the process yield long-term beneficial solutions.

When a dispute arises, public diplomacy is inevitably connected not only to states and government but also to civil society, grassroots. Digital and non-digital avenues both have to be explored for the dissemination of information. There can be no rocket science as to defines a good diplomacy as human nature cannot be judged on precision. However, there is a need to understand adversaries and friends alike, pros and cons, SWOT analysis, are all required as pre-requirements for a good - may be successful - stint at conflict resolution.

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