Monday, August 17, 2015

An edited Facebook entry on State Dept. social media projects and the wonders of how it will destroy the ISIS via USA-all-the-way social media

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  • John Brown “The issue today is not a lack of information, it’s that we are awash in information, much of it propaganda,” said Richard A. Stengel, the under secretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs. Ergo -- information and propaganda are (just about?) the same? Maybe not that surprising a statement from a former chief editor of "canned information," Time Magazine. Image of Stengel.
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  • John Brown "Twitter, Facebook and other digital communications that are
    grounded in a free press and that can counter whatever propaganda is out there" -- Lansing. Grounded in a free press? That can counter propaganda anywhere? But in fact the mentioned "digita
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  • John Brown "Mr. Lansing served nine years as president of Scripps Networks
    Interactive, where he was responsible for the network’s $2.5 billion cable division, which includes the Food Network, HGTV, the Travel Channel, DIY, the Cooking Channel and Great American 
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    • John Brown The titillation of technique as a solution to human "communications" of course goes back to Plato -- he didn't think writing (today's "twitter" ) was that great (of course am simplifying; am no philosopher) as the way to Resolve our Human "Issues." Bottom line: Communications "tools" are used by the self-proclaimed "good guys" and the declaimed "bad guys" (whoever they may be), for whatever their goals (on both sides of the "ideological" fence) ... Simply put, technology (name it from tee-vee to -i- phones) is no solution to international "morality" -- not to speak of international "misunderstanding." There has to be "real" human contact -- and by that I mean persons looking at one another "face" to "face" non-virtually, in the real of our planet-earth world rather from a "facebook-to-far ... · 7 mins · Edited

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