Saturday, August 15, 2015

Difficult neighbours


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Earlier this week the Indian High Commissioner in Pakistan addressed specially convened meetings in Lahore. His speech at the human Rights Commission was interesting in the sense that he chose to confine his remarks to highlight the positive aspects of the history of relations between the two countries. He referred for instance to the Indus Basin Treaty and how it has held. He was silent about the real disputes and bones of contention like Kashmir and Siachin. When pressed at question time to say a few words about Kashmir, he advised to keep it sidelined while focusing on other matters such as trade and religions tourism. It was surprising to learn that no tourist visas at are being issued at present. The one big stick India keeps wielding is terrorism. It is India which forged the words first that Pakistan was the epicenter of terrorism in the world. It is quick to point its figure at Pakistan whenever a terrorist incident takes place. It uses a well-worked-out public diplomacy to justify its stand internationally. ... 

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