Monday, August 17, 2015

'Even after agreement, Iran will not become a part of the West': Iran expert Bayram Sinkaya


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In an exclusive interview with Daily Sabah, an expert on Iran and academic, Bayram Sinkaya, asserted that Iran's integration with the world after its nuclear agreement with world powers will not weaken Turkey's influence in the region
Last week President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan did not give an appointment to Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Javad Zarif because of a defamation campaign against Turkey by Iranian state media, considered the last straw by Ankara. Speaking to Daily Sabah, expert on Iran and academic Bayram Sinkaya said that there has been increasing tension between Turkey and Iran since the beginning of the Syrian conflict and that the kind of news that targets Turkey has been a part of Iranian media since then. Considering Iran's nuclear deal as a diplomatic success, Sinkaya said that Iran will not be part of the Western world just because of the agreement.
Stressing that Iran's disposition regarding regional peace and democracy will maintain mutual mistrust, Sinkaya added that he does not expect changes in Iranian policies in the short term. ... 
Cumhuriyet, a secular daily in Turkey, which has been advocating that Turkey is becoming like Iran, published an article by Zarif. How do you evaluate this? 
It is a success that an Iranian foreign minister was able to publish an article in a newspaper known for spreading fear about Iran in Turkey, but regarding public diplomacy, it is a failure. Because Cumhuriyet is a newspaper with a limited audience, as it has circulation figures lower than 55,000 and is in continuous conflict with the government, Iran involuntarily became a party in the intense political struggle. I think it was a poor choice. ...

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