Thursday, August 13, 2015

Is Palestinian soccer head playing a political game?

image from entry, with caption: Jibril Rajoub, president of the Palestinian Football Association, addresses the 65th FIFA Congress in Zurich, Switzerland, May 29, 2015.

Of all the senior members of the Palestinian Authority, Jibril Rajoub, who serves as head of the Supreme Council for Sport and Youth Affairs as well as the president of the Palestinian Football Association, has been singled out by Israel as enemy No. 1. Ever since his appointment to this position five years ago, Rajoub has launched a relentless political struggle against Israel at international sporting institutions. In the eyes of senior Israeli defense and political officials, he has moved from being a dialogue partner to being a dangerous provocateur. ...
In the past, Rajoub was a welcome guest in Israel. He would hold working meetings with defense ministers, senior Israel Defense Forces and Shin Bet officials. He was also the bearer of a VIP card that awarded him free passage at border crossings. He was invited to peace-related conferences and conventions and was a favorite interviewee with the Israeli media since he was considered to be the best and most authoritative Palestinian public diplomacy representative.

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