Saturday, August 22, 2015

High Court suspends hunger striker's detention

In dramatic move, court effectively releases Islamic Jihad member Mohammad Allan, citing his deteriorating health • Allan, who suffered brain damage, to remain hospitalized • Likud ministers slam court's "capitulation to terrorist extortion."

Edna Adato, Gadi Golan, Daniel Siryoti, Gideon Allon, Mati Tuchfeld, Itsik Saban, Efrat Forsher and Israel Hayom Staff
A demonstrator holds a photo of Mohammad Allan during a rally for his release in the southern town of Rahat
 Photo credit: Reuters

The Almagor Terror Victims Association, whose representatives were present at the court hearing, criticized the ruling as a "prize for terrorists. Allan's victory will inspire a wave of hunger strikes. The court and the defense establishment have lost their minds."
Meanwhile, the Zionist Union on Wednesday lambasted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for "turning from 'Mr. Terrorism' to 'Dr. Coward' and negotiating with a hunger-striking detainee, simply because he couldn’t make a decision. ... Netanyahu has irrevocably eroded Israel's deterrence with regards to jailed terrorists."
A senior Likud official retorted, "Rather than backing the government in its war on terror and take part in Israel's public diplomacy efforts worldwide, opposition members won't let the facts confuse them and are continuously preoccupied with petty politics vis-à-vis those who incite terrorism and refuse to condemn it."

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