Saturday, February 6, 2016

Aly Z. Ramji: Public diplomacy and consulting advisor

Aly Z. Ramji: Public diplomacy and consulting advisor
Aly Z. Ramji is currently the principal of Gamut International (, a Canadian/US based trade and investment advisory, as well as public diplomacy consulting firm. Ramji’s core competencies in image management, government branding and international public diplomacy has enabled his firm Gamut International Corporation, to work with government agencies, foundations, NGO’s, non-profits and international agencies in the areas of diplomacy, and sustainable and ethical investment and development. ... 
During his graduate studies, Ramji was responsible for creating the esteemed Graduate Program in Public Diplomacy at Syracuse University, merging the University’s Maxwell School of Public Policy and the Newhouse School of Public Communications via their Masters of International Affairs and Masters in Public Relations into a streamlined program. Today, the Program is considered as one of the top graduate courses, bridging the world of communications and international affairs.

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