Friday, February 5, 2016

Kissinger and Vardanyan participate in the opening of Primakov Center

The main guest of the opening ceremony was a famous U.S. politician and diplomat Henry Kissinger.

One of the founders of the Center, Executive Director of Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund Leonid Drachevsky said that Kissinger's participation in the opening ceremony puts the bar high for the new organization.

In his speech, Henry Kissinger touched upon various aspects of Russian-American relations, shared vision of the situation in the world and in its various regions, talked about security issues and counter threats of international terrorism.

Andrei Kokoshin, Dean of Moscow State University Department of World Politics also had a speech during  the meeting in Primakov Center: as well as political analysts Sergei Rogov and Sergei Karaganov, President of the Russian Council on International Affairs, former Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov, Scientific Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vitaly Naumkin, entrepreneur and philanthropist Ruben Vardanyan.

Henry Kissinger served as secretary of the U.S. in the 1970s and in recent decades is one of the most influential experts on US foreign policy.

Primakov Foreign Policy Cooperation Center was founded in 2015. The Center's mission is the accumulation and development of the intellectual heritage of Yevgeny Primakov, the strengthening of international cooperation in the expert and scientific level , the involvement of civil society institutions in the foreign policy process.

The Center plans to hold meetings with representatives of the world of politics, science  Russian and foreign statesmen.

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