Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A note to kind Public Diplomacy Review readers/email subscribers

A note to kind Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review (PDPR) readers/e-mail subscribers from its compiler in response to several queries.

The email listserv for PDPBR is provided by Google. You can sign up to receive emails with the "latest" PDPBR entries by entering your email address in the left column of the PDPBR homepage. Near-daily PDPBRs are are usually "mailed" between 5:45-6:15 pm EST.

Note: In its PDPBR emails, Google provides only the first three PDPBR entries of the day. The near-daily PDPBR usually has more entries than that. To read these entries beyond "the top three", simply click, at the bottom of the PDPBR page on your email after: "You are subscribed to email updates from Public Diplomacy" on "Public Diplomacy."

Also, for a reason I've never been able to understand (g-mail PDPBR subscribers take note), Google gmail sometimes sends the PDPBR to its "primary" Google e-mail section -- and sometimes to its "promotions" section (but never to both sections at the same time/date). So if you can't wait to get your latest issue of the PDPBR (although I'm sure you have more important things to do) do check both sections ca. 6:00 pm.

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