Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Premier gets down to business, meets executives in New York

Li Xiang and Zhong Nan, "Premier gets down to business, meets executives in New York,"

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Premier Li Keqiang's meeting with top executives in New York will help to push forward China-US economic relations, including ongoing negotiations on bilateral investment, experts said.
In his four-day New York trip to attend the annual United Nations session, Li has been reaching out to the US business community as much as possible and has met representatives of the media, think tanks and leaders from economic and financial circles. On Tuesday night, he and his entourage will also attend a reception hosted by the Economic Club of New York, a non-profit membership organization.
The meeting with business executives is seen as a public diplomacy effort by Li to set out a clear direction for future China-US relations and to strengthen mutual understanding between the business communities of the two countries. ...

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