Friday, September 23, 2016

Australian racism akin to McCarthyism, political donor Huang Xiangmo says

Primrose Riordan, "Australian racism akin to McCarthyism, political donor Huang Xiangmo says,"

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Political donor Huang Xiangmo has suggested there is an atmosphere of McCarthyism in Australia in an article published a day after it was revealed he had resigned as chairman of Bob Carr's China institute at the University of Technology. ...
Wanning Sun, Professor of Chinese Media at UTS [see - JB], has warned in wake of media reports about Chinese donations that the Chinese-Australian community has not been more alienated in 20 years than they are now.

"Australia's Chinese community hasn't been more alienated since Pauline Hanson's first maiden speech 20 years ago than it is today. The failure to engage with the Chinese diaspora is all the more worrying given China is actively pursuing this group as a potential instrument of its own public diplomacy agenda.

Along with the reporting of the Mack Horton vs. Sun Yang stouch, she warned Australian and Chinese-language media in Australia are engaged in a war of words that can threaten social harmony.

"All this has serious implications for social cohesion in Australia's highly multicultural fabric. If this war of words between the two media sectors continues, there will be no winners – assuming Australia is serious about maintaining harmony," she wrote in The Conversation. ...

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