Friday, September 16, 2016

PKK and FETÖ resistance stems from diasporas

Burhanettin Duran, "PKK and FETÖ resistance stems from diasporas," Daily Sabah

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Undoubtedly, FETÖ [JB - see] leader Fetullah Gülen is the most adept one at creating the impression of being righteous and legitimate. In the answers he gave to Politico, he said he did not have any regrets and the heavy price the organization paid is the price of being independent. ...
Gülen tries to uplift his disciples. More importantly, he tries to protect his structures and activities in the West. To succeed in the fight against FETÖ and the PKK [JB - see] , purges in the country are not sufficient. It is also required to fight against the networks and structures outside of the country.
Three dimensions of this can be determined: First of all, coordinated public diplomacy must be run to deactivate the discourses of both organizations' diasporas. This will decrease their chances of being seen as legitimate and righteous. Secondly, foreign affairs diplomacy and security units must engage in joint action with the relevant countries in following the Europe-based associations and monetary sources of these organizations. This is another crucial point to prevent their activities to raise new militants and restrict their financial sources. And thirdly, the PKK and FETÖ's diasporas must be obstructed from benefiting institutions within Turkey and opportunities in the business world. The most critical aspect is disrupting their resource cycles both inside and outside of Turkey.
For Turkey, the fight against terror is a long path that must be covered with meticulous planning.

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