Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Getting Our Anti-Terrorism Strategy Right

Lee H. Hamilton, "Getting Our Anti-Terrorism Strategy Right,"

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Terrorism presents America with a challenge that is complex, serious and constantly evolving. It does not threaten our existence as a country, but it demands a determined, strong and steady response. Our efforts have made us safer from 9/11 style attacks, but we are not safe enough.
The terrorist threat evolves, and the most worrisome development is the phenomenon of “lone wolf” attacks in which individuals with no direct connection to terrorist groups are inspired to kill or try to kill large numbers of people. ...
Along with our military efforts, we need an even greater effort to counter the ideology driving the extremists. That includes a better understanding of what motivates disaffected young men who travel to Syria to fight for ISIS or who are inspired to carry out lone wolf attacks. And it includes vigorous and effective ways to blunt the appeal of extremism, including through public diplomacy and social media. ...

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