Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Analysis: Israel feels the heat as battles rage across Syrian border

Roi Kais, "Analysis: Israel feels the heat as battles rage across Syrian border,"

Image from article, with caption: File photo taken from the Israeli Golan Heights shows smoke rising following explosions in a village in Syria's Quneitra province, on June 17 2015

Assad's opponents ... have in recent days changed tactics and are trying – not for the first time – to overrun the regime's final positions in the northern suburbs of Quneitra – more specifically, the area of the Druze village of Hader – a region that is of unparalleled importance to the regime given that the Druze population has traditionally been considered supportive of Assad and, furthermore, is adjacent to the Lebanese border. ...
Hezbollah's military public diplomacy site is closely tracking developments in Quneitra and reporting mainly on heavy losses on the rebel side, including specific names. It also published aerial footage allegedly depicting how the Syrian army destroys a rebel vehicle – a video that raises questions about Hezbollah's presence in the area and its use of drones near the Israeli border. ...

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