Monday, September 12, 2016

Why 'macho' Putin has the lead over Xi when it comes to American minds

Tom Plate, "Why 'macho' Putin has the lead over Xi when it comes to American minds,"

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Tom Plate says US media and the likes of Donald Trump have made Russia’s president a hero while Xi and his China remain a somewhat unfathomable mystery

The truth of the matter is that Xi is the most important world leader that Americans know least about, when as head of China he should be a world leader about whom they are at least knowledgeable.
Might China’s public diplomacy do a better job of conveying what Xi is trying to do? For all anyone knows, Xi may have the softest heart and sharpest brain of anyone in his fifth-generation class. Or he might make Putin look like a positive pussycat by comparison – who knows? Does Xi receive the best possible advice on America from the experts in his party and government on which he must draw? Sometimes leaders are told by their minions only that which it is known they prefer to hear. ...

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