Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Foreign Ministry And NDRC Lead Group Of Public Diplomacy Countries Of South And Northeast Asia To Visit MCC

"Foreign Ministry And NDRC Lead Group Of Public Diplomacy Countries Of South And Northeast Asia To Visit MCC,"
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On September 6th, the Department of Asia Affairs of the Foreign Ministry and the International Cooperation Center of the NDRC led the Group of Public Diplomacy Countries of South and Northeast Asia to visit MCC [JB - see], where both sides engaged in extensive communication concerning MCC's relevant overseas businesses. MCC Overseas Project Management Department Director Xu Yongjie, Party Committee Publicity Department Director Qi Dongping and Overseas Project Management Department Deputy Director Zhao Xiaowei attended the above activity.

During the meeting, Xu Yongjie gave a detailed introduction to MCC's primary businesses, business performance and the distribution situation of its overseas business to representatives of newspaper offices in nine countries, including Nepal, Mongolia, the Maldives, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, in which MCC's advantages in the fields of steel projects, city infrastructure building, high-end building, large-scale steel structure, theme parks and sewage disposal were introduced in detail. Next, both sides engaged in a detailed discussion of MCC's projects in such South Asian countries as Pakistan and Sri Lanka in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. The reporters from countries in South and Northeast Asia expressed their hopes that more Chinese enterprises like MCC will invest and construct in South and Northeast Asia in order to accelerate local economic development.

The above activities were attended by Foreign Affairs Department Asia Affairs Department Information Section Chief Liu Zhi, principle staff member Lu Daming, NDRC International Cooperation Center Information Section Counseling Researcher Zhao Jing and interpreters Tan Lu and Zhao Wei, as well as reporters from Nepal, Jimmy Suba, Mongolia News, Bart Anudarry, Maldives National Media Group, Elsa Soya, Afghanistan Toro News, Rui Amy, Bangladesh TV, Rick Zari Allah, Sri Lanka Indi Varey Amr Watt ART TV, Armwattgi Dohna Indevary Samongdika, Pakistan Today, Taba Mian a Hussein, Beijing Review, Deng Yaqing and others.

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